Friday, July 10, 2009

What is a Database Administrator?

A database administrator, or dba, is an individual responsible for Ensuring the smooth running of a database. The work involves a number of skills as it is a challenging role that requires focus, logic, and an enthusiastic personality can be made under pressure. DBAs must work within an organization to monitor, adjust and develop database.

On a daily basis you must:

* Ensure that the database is safe.
* Analyze data and ensure optimal performance and reliability.
*- Configure hardware and software to enable building.
* Design database to ensure that meet their needs and anticipate potential problems.
* Install the software: both new software and updated versions of software.
* Disaster recovery - this involves ensuring adequate backup, storage and recovery procedures are in place.
* Understand and use SQL (structured Query Language).

The most exciting thing about being a dba is that everyday is a new challenge that involves providing solutions to immediate and long term benefits. Medyo often you will be on problems of organization you work in. This is because the data flow is always important in today business environment and the role of dba is to ensure that data is distributed in a smooth and efficient way. This is the role of a dba extremely rewarding for those chosen to take it.

To be a fully qualified dba many individuals the MCDBA. This is the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator courses that put you in a good organization to start your career in IT.

Get candidates to find they require skills for working in a structured way. Number of courses run by Microsoft is continually updated to ensure you receive the best education you can apply immediately once workplaces.


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