Monday, June 15, 2009

DBA (Fictitious Business Name) Filings

If you are a corporation, LLC or sole proprietorship, May there are benefits to file a "Doing Business As" or "administrator" for your company.
What is an administrator?

Dba for "doing business as" and is a public official and the registration of a trade name. Database administrator is also known under dummy names, not real names, names, and trade names. essentially, a dba is the name of a company other than the owner's name or in the case of a corporation, a name that is different from the name on file with Secretary of State.

What are the benefits to file a dba?

Dba, it is easy to:
• Open a bank account and collect payments and check your company name
• look more professional, by promoting a corporate identity
• Begin marketing and advertising under a name other than your personal name or business

What is an example of a dba and how it is used?

If you are a sole proprietor named Jane Brown and your company name is "donuts Unlimited," you register your business as Jane Brown, doing business as "donuts Unlimited."
I have a name for my company or LLC. Do I need a dba?

If you have a company or an LLC and want to do business under a different name from your name, most states require that you file a "Doing Business As" or "trustee" .

For example, if an LLC is doing business under the name "Studio City, but the company name is" pinnacle Projects, LLC ", then a director must be filed on behalf of Studio City." Dba file this should be done on county or state (if any) where the office and address of the company is located.

What information is required to file a dba?

Dba filings usually contain the name of the applicant, the date of filing, the company name and dummy address. Deposits can be made by individuals or companies. In most states, you must file a dba with administrative authorities, accompanied by a state or county tax. In some states, you will also have the name published in a newspaper to give notice of new names.


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