Friday, June 19, 2009

Doctor of Business Administration - DBA - The New MBA?

Did you know that the United States produced more than 90,000 MBA graduates a year? And in the United Kingdom, the second-largest producer, which produces more than 10,000 MBA graduates a year? Maybe subscribed MBA thinking that it's special, but it was noted that the fact that almost all of you work with is also an MBA? Actually, it is possible to say that the MBA has become a victim of its own success. The MBA has not promotion and economic success - is now the minimum qualification for entry into society.

When asked, the Association of MBA in 1300 respondents suggested that the reason why the MBA has been adopted as follows: If you want to get the qualifications (82%), increase in the number of jobs (79%), intellectual stimulation (70%), to increase wages (67%) In order to obtain general skills (64%) that you want to change the direction of their careers (61%), and to increase their own-confidence (52%). Unfortunately, many students find that opportunities to increase their wages or improvement in job opportunities after graduation will be fulfilled. In fact, a substantial cost to the MBA has been removed because the company can not see the MBA as an advantage of experience or other evidence of formal qualifications.

Enter a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). The DBA is a professional qualification which is designed to allow players who are already in post-secondary, such as MBA education and expand the body to promote awareness of their practice area. Given that the DBA is a practical course requires candidates to study the area of business practice is usually offered in the performance of managers.

What is the difference between DBA and PhD? The DBA is a doctorate designed for experienced professionals, is based on research management issues. In contrast, the PhD places emphasis on the development of new knowledge and theoretical perspectives. The DBA is a widely recognized qualification equivalent to standing in the PhD. As with LJM at the University of the State "Put simply Dr promote knowledge while DBA promotes the practice of both cases to the new information." According to University of Surrey in Britain, "The DBA is in today's business world. Often it is better business than the narrow-PhD Doctor. This is because the approach is broader and the work they do so, as the basis of research."

DBA is usually conducted in two phases. The first is taught component consists of several companies and research methodology modules, which are designed to help the candidate countries to develop in depth business knowledge and understanding of research process is a doctoral level. This step may take one or two years, a candidate is usually required, and defend the research project. The second step is a research component in which the candidate is required to produce a piece of original research, which emphasizes applied knowledge in the working environment. This may take two to four years. Some institutions will allow the candidates to produce three separate documents, such as work, three papers are bound together and submitted for assessment more than once until the end. Bound is then sent to an external examination and viva (defense). The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate how their research will be guided by practice.

The DBA is offered a number of universities around the world. However, when the selected course, it is important to ensure that the university is recognized - look for the accreditation of European organizations, such as EQUIS and EDAMBA or American AACSB. The application process is usually possible candidate by filling in the application and research proposal. The proposal will ensure that the University is able to monitor your important business practice in the event that work is a highly specialized field. It is also to show that you have the basic knowledge and the research process. Applicants must have an MBA or equivalent master's business and be able to demonstrate that they have experience in managing the deepest level, or relevant work experience. Non-native speakers of English is usually expected to be at the level of IELTS 7.0 or equivalent.

The DBA is therefore a natural progression after the MBA. It is based on the MBA foundation and add more. This is an exclusive and very few directors have. As a result, Doctor of Business Administration is set to replace the MBA as "is a" qualified business life - and, unlike the invisible MBA, you can "doctor" on his business card! What better way to stand out from the crowd?


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