Saturday, June 13, 2009

Window Cleaning Business Names - How to Choose a Good DBA

When you think of a name, try not to use your own name. Like Joe's Window Cleaning, or Frank's Window Washing. It'sa good idea to have the word window washing or cleaning windows in the name of your company. I recommend using instead of window cleaning window washing, he seemed to have better odds of Google searches.

A good way to start thinking about names online is to see that the window cleaners are using their company. An important aspect to note that you can choose any name you want as long as no other company using the same name in your area. If they are in another city, then fine. Unless of course it is a national franchise that case in May term complications. Example Fish Window Cleaning is a name you can not use this issue is a national company.

Another important point to consider when choosing your name to purchase a domain name which is online. You must have a website and it helps to day if you can get domain names for your website based on your real world business. So visit the website domain to see if the reflection on the names is available or if there are variations of this approach.

For example, I go through all SqueakyClean one word, and my domain name is similar. I enrolled in two of my business with the clerical councils. Note that you can have multiple business names and domain names. It's a good idea especially if you want someone in your area to come to a similar name.

When choosing your name, you should try to think of something that is unforgettable. I chose my SqueakyClean and logo is a duck with a scraper. I help a friend in his name which is a Sunday Window Washing Week logo. Simple and easy to remember. Try to think of brand names and logos they use, he will mind the discussion on track.

Rabbit Window Cleaning can be a good, you can have a quick glance rabbit you quickly. Important your name is not fully consult with your industry in this case is the cleaning of windows, just make sure you have a window where cleaning or some kind of reference to the window cleaning of your logo. I actually started cleaning the windows of my logo does not even phase me. d 'a window of opportunity to clean up unless I have the words in my own name. You do not want your potential customers do not know what you do.

Once you've chosen your name and you've found is available online and then go to your local county clerks and see if it is available. This is called the registration of one or dba "Doing Business As". I propose one or two names or variations of your name in this case is already taken. When you buy your name in the county clerks office, you should buy a domain online. If you buy a domain that could be the first, you lose your money if it is not available in the county clerks office. The name is on the cost of $ 50 depending on where you live, and you must renew your name from many years. Remember to save your paper, they send your official request as your name.


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