Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is a Database Administrator?

A database administrator or DBA, is an individual who is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of a database. The work includes a number of skills because it is a difficult role that requires focus, logic and enthusiasm personality who can cope under pressure. DBAs are required to work within an organization to monitor, repair and develop databases.

Day to day you will be asked to:

* Ensure that databases are secure.
* Analyze data and ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
* Configuration of hardware and software to the facility.
* Database design to ensure they meet the requirements and anticipate potential problems.
* Installation of software: two new versions of software and software updates.
* Commercial - this is to ensure the safety, storage and recovery procedures are in place.
* Understand and use SQL (Structured Query Language).

The most exciting to be a director, is that every day is a challenge to provide solutions that are immediate and long term. Very often, you'll be at the heart of the organization you work in. This is because the flow of data is still important in the current economic environment and the role of the administrator is to ensure that data is distributed smoothly and efficiently. This makes the role of a DBA very rewarding for those who choose to take it.

To be fully qualified DBA many people take the MCDBA. This is the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator course you put on a good foot to start your career in IT.

Candidates get to learn the skills they need to work in a structured manner. As the course is offered by Microsoft, it is constantly updated to ensure you receive the best education you can apply immediately once in the workplace.


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