Saturday, June 27, 2009

IT Jobs - The Database Administrator

In the world of information technology there are many options to pursue if one is looking for a career strong and trustworthy. Work has been specifically be of great interest and is currently in need of more recruits. This IT work is that of a "database administrator" or for short, DBA. Database administrators obviously working with databases, especially management systems database software. The basic requirements for database administrators is to create databases, maintain and write programs for database administration.

DBA Duties

Responsibilities of database administrators differ on many factors. Depending on the specific job description DBA, interposed the business and political and technical aspects of systems management database (or DBMS) functions can vary considerably. What is certain, the duty wise, is a bit specific and necessary tasks must be fulfilled by all DBAs. DBAs are often required to conduct operations in the event of disaster, including recovery, performance analysis and tuning, maintenance and data dictionary to database design.

DBA duties clearly defined in the form to the protection and guarantee, or a company or a functional organization of databases and applications that meet these same databases, making sure to check the effectiveness and functionality.

6 tasks

Beyond the above obligations, DBAs are also responsible for 6 major tasks including the issues of recovery, integrity, security, availability, performance and development and testing support.

Recovery is here as a way to take precautionary measures in case of major errors in data entry, program bugs or hardware failures. The purpose of a DBA in terms of recovery is to be able to restore a database in the state it was prior to the failure or lose. Quite rightly, the recovery is also sometimes called "disaster recovery".

Database administrators require the integrity of the means to protect, but more importantly, to avoid giving data users to break the system business rules. Safety is of course that implies. And database administrators to adapt what they create to comply with company security policies of the user in terms of capacity, both in access and modification of data. Access here is just asked to provide database administrators are accessible to authorized users to access and modify data as necessary for business interests.

DBAs performance from a point of view is simply a task to maintain effective response times online and the proper functioning of all other aspects of the database linking process maintenance. If performance problems arise, DBAs SQL examine, the picture of the process and system architecture, individually speaking. And finally, the development and testing support for database administrators is less important than collecting samples of production data for testing of new and / or modification of programs, consultation with programmers about performance tuning and to make certain design changes table to provide new means for storing new functions.

Prerequisite action

Before going out in fact in the real world of work as a DBA, you must get their Microsoft certification, or the gain of which is considered as a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification for short or MCDBA. They are going through various stages of training, testing and certification of actual implementation. It is not necessarily easy, but in the long term, become a success, accelerated and DBA respected, you must have MCDBA certification valid for the DBA and the IT skills and capabilities. And once that is taken, a DBA position can be gained and responsibilities above are implemented.


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